Cope Staffing
Executive Search & Recruitment
R. Cope & Associates Inc. prides itself on providing the highest level of services to its clients.
  1. Superior Candidates
    R. Cope & Associates Inc. high profile in the industry results in attracting the best candidates. We have superior recruiting, interviewing and qualifying processes. Our computerized state-of-the-art candidate database system will result in finding the exact candidate, skill set and qualification you require to fit your budget.
  2. Market Knowledge
    R. Cope & Associates Inc. consultants are specialists in their fields who concentrate on the specific requirements of our clients, their market, culture, management and needs. Each consultant has the experience to truly understand client needs and the current market conditions. We specialize in IT, Accounting & Finance and Sales & Marketing placements.
  3. Timely & Cost Effective Solutions
    By assigning an experienced consultant who understands your exact requirements, then qualifying, interviewing and screening candidates, R.Cope & Associates Inc. saves your company significant time and expense of considering unqualified candidates. Our relationship with superior candidates also allows our clients access to the hidden market of IT specialists.