Cope Staffing
Executive Search & Recruitment
Our Methodology

To reach a specific destination, you need a clear map. The map we use to reach the ideal candidate comes in the form of our strict attention to the details. Like research. Our own industry knowledge. Workplace trends. Complete descriptions of both the job and your hiring process. Client and candidate feedback. On-going communication with all parties all the time ensure that we’re reading that map correctly.

A successful search requires full disclosure to ensure a rewarding relationship. To present the ideal short list, screened candidates are given a full description of your requirements and details of the opportunity. We screen our candidates not only on their resume submissions and qualifications but also on the “soft sell.” Is she well-presented? How are her communications skills? We then determine technical suitability, related experience level, interest, career path and compensation level.

R. Cope & Associates high profile in the industry results in attracting only the best candidates. We have a superior recruiting process. We screen with the highest standards so you can complete your dream team right away. Our computerized, state-of-the-art candidate database system will result in finding the exact candidate/skill set and qualifications you require to fit your budget. And we grab our candidates’ attention in many ways. We have high profile positioning in most key trade publications and newspapers. We leverage our presence at trade shows. We also utilize the reach of the Internet by posting our positions daily.

And if everything fits? We move on to the next step and present that client to you.